This web site's main purpose is to give notice to customer and the public as well as to customers of upcoming auctions at Hanson Realty and Storage Units. It is an advertisement of auction sale.

This web site also warns customers that they have liens upon their personal property and that their unit is likely to be auctioned if their charges are not paid before the auction.

Pursuant to the Michigan Self Service Storage Facility Act, the owner of a self storage facility has a lien upon all personal property located at the self-service storage facility for rent or other charges incurred for the storage of the personal property. Due to failure to pay the rent, Hanson Realty is enforcing its lien and intends to sell or otherwise dispose of the personal property located in the rented spaces listed in this notice.

How to Contact Us

Hanson Realty and Storage Units
2540 South Grand Traverse St.
Flint, MI 48503-3828
Tel. (810) 767-2501

Inside Car Storage

$60 per month

Outside Car Storage

$20 per month

Units Available

$29-$130 per month